New Tech Defies Met Gala Social Media Ban


Despite Anna Wintour’s decree that all social media is banned from the inside of the Met Gala, on the red carpet, new tech was the trendiest accessory.

I’ve been watching the Met Gala for a good few years, and it’s been a particular highlight the few times Vogue opted to live stream the red carpet (even when the hosts have been painful to watch). But this year no such live stream was available and yet I feel as if I had the most intimate Met Gala experience yet.

We were live tweeting the carpet for our new client, Dot Fashion (yes you can get a .fashion address—it’s pretty exciting) and I was desperately scouring the interwebs for a live stream and that’s when I stumbled across The Cut’s Live Stream via the app Periscope.

Periscope was founded about a year ago with the idea of sharing the world through another person’s eyes. Whilst that’s the very essence of social media, what makes Periscope unique is that this is live, unfiltered content. A socially powered live stream. Pretty cool eh? Well cool enough for Twitter to purchase it in February, before it even launched, for an even cooler $100 million.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.25.44 PM

The Cut, along with a few other publications, streamed all of the action, including their commentary and a little gossip, live from the red carpet. Now we’re not talking red carpet interviews, mundane questions and orange hued hosts; we’re talking excitable fashion journalists taking you along for the ride—a personal experience from the sidelines of one of fashion’s most exclusive events.

It was social media, long lorded for it’s part in the democratization of fashion, at it’s finest.


Katie Couric, a guest at the Met Gala, also threw Periscope into fashion action. Caught on The Cut’s Periscope herself, she immediately realized the potential of this app combined with an exclusive red carpet, and spent a good 30 minutes hanging out with the journalists whilst capturing her own red carpet experience for her fans. As a third-party viewer (watching her Periscope via another Periscope—how very meta) it was quite a delightful experience. I also have a new found adoration for Katie Couric, especially for her “I’m sorry if you go to the Met Ball you should not be chewing gum” aside to one the girls at The Cut.

beyonce_met_gala IMG_6212 IMG_6211
Beyonce arrived so late that avid Snapchatters were the first to experience her red carpet look.

Periscope wasn’t the only new tech hitting the red carpet. Snapchat, which has been around for quite some time now, has definitively moved from being solely the tool of teenage sexters to the high fashion realm. Celebrities and journalists alike used the app to capture intimate moments from the limo to the red carpet, as well as what look like a few sneaky, verboten snaps from inside the venue.

IMG_6204 IMG_6208

The event had its very own geofilter (a filter or artwork you can place over your photo or video which is generated by your location) and a curated Snapchat Story (a user can elect to post their Snapchat image or video to a story related to an event or location).

IMG_6201 IMG_6200 IMG_6207 IMG_6206 IMG_6205 IMG_6209 IMG_6210

Again, this is an unfiltered (well, not literally), live, and intimate look into an experience. It’s instant and non-exclusive and it’s fascinating. Well done fashion world. Yet again, you’re on the cutting edge of social media, and you’re making me proud.

(Less than) 24 Hours in Seattle


Life has been busy, up and down and all over the place. In the past six months I’ve been all over the place, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas (twice!), New York, back to Portland. It felt non-stop. I love to travel, but it’s been nice to stay in one place for the last two months. Now I’m ready to travel again, which means I’m ready to reminisce about these trips!
Back in November I thought it was about time I made a trip up to Portland to see our client Looptworks. Having never been north of San Francisco (on the West Coast at least) I decided to make a trip of it. I roped Wendy in for the ride and we flew into Seattle for a 24 hour jaunt before we took the train to Portland (which was one of the prettiest train rides I have ever taken, and I’ve done a lot of train travel!)

Of course we were there very briefly, actually less than 24 hours, we arrived in the early evening and were gone by mid afternoon the next day, but we managed to squeeze in three very Seattle experiences, I’ll be back for more one day, I grew quite fond of this city in the 1000 minutes I was there ;)

Pike Place Market

24Hours_in_Seattle_8 24Hours_in_Seattle_5 24Hours_in_Seattle_7 24Hours_in_Seattle_9 24Hours_in_Seattle_10 24Hours_in_Seattle_4 24Hours_in_Seattle_6I knew I really wanted to see Pike Place Market. What I didn’t realize I had to see was the sunset over Puget Sound. This view was amazing. We stayed in the Hyatt Olive 8 (a really great eco-friendly hotel) about a 10 minute walk from Pike Place, so we walked over almost as soon as we arrived and met a friend for drinks and watched the sunset. We got so carried away that we were then late to meet another friend for sushi….I said, less than 24 hours, we were squeezing in as much as possible!

Night on the Town

24Hours_in_Seattle_13 24Hours_in_Seattle_12
There were two other things I really wanted to do in Seattle. Get drunk at Unicorn (a magical carnival themed bar resplendent with an arcade) and eat burgers at Dicks (a Seattle staple, even featured in a Macklemore video) to sober up.

We achieved both. With little photographic evidence, which always equals a successful night!

The Gum Wall

24Hours_in_Seattle_2 24Hours_in_Seattle_3 24Hours_in_Seattle_1
After a quick breakfast back at Pike Place we went on a little wander to probably the grossest tourist destination I’ve ever been to (but surprisingly not my first gum wall, I went to one in Verona, Italy – it just wasn’t THIS gross)

At first it was fascinating and the colours and textures were fantastic but after a few minutes it was pretty awful as the realization that the amount of bacteria in that tiny alley began to dawn on me……

I know we only scratched the gum covered surface of Seattle and I’m absolutely dying to go back and discover more. Oh and eat more Dicks :P

Kelsi xx

You’ve Got Your Red Dress On…

BalletOutfit_4On the 22nd of March 1984 at 2.20am GMT, I was born. I am officially 31 years old. I’m officially “in my 30′s”.

The time difference (born in GMT living in PST) means I get to celebrate my birthday a touch earlier, at least in my head. So we kicked off celebrations with a little Tiki action at our local Tiki Bar, followed swiftly by an evening with the Los Angeles Ballet and ended with a classy dinner at In-N-Out. Honestly a typically diverse Los Angeles night out.

BalletOutfit_1 BalletOutfit_3 BalletOutfit_2What I’m Wearing: BCBG Max Azria Dress, Helmut Lang Leather Jacket, Miista Clutch, Sole Society Boots.

Kelsi x