Laneige Review: It’s Magical.


Recently all I’ve wanted to do is write about beauty products, from my favourite Generation Beauty discoveries to the wonderments I picked up in Japan. But I’m kicking things off with a review of Korean skincare line, Laneige.

I met with the Laneige team at Gen Beauty earlier this year, and they, very kindly, sent me a full set of product. I’m going to review each item, but first a little about Laneige.

Laneige was first launched in Korea in 1994 using their patented “Advanced Water Science™ Technology” their product line is “clinically proven to hydrate, protect and revitalize individual skin types”

They have recently arrived in the US and are being sold exclusively by Target (and FYI… last time I stopped by my local Target was super low on stock but it looks like there’s a plentiful supply online!)


The Multi Cleanser ($22).

So, I’m a lazy so and so when it comes to washing my face. If cleansing cloths hadn’t been invented I shudder to think what the state of my skin would be. Going to bed with a full face of make-up on would be a daily occurrence. Yep, I’m gross. So a full cleansing experience is usually reserved for shower time only.

This cleanser is super creamy, with papaya to exfoliate and “micro cellular beads” to remove impurities. The best thing about this cleanser is the exfoliation – it’s light but not abrasive, and my skin appears brightened but not dried out. I have combination skin (oily t-zone) so it works perfectly for me.


Water Bank Serum ($35).

This magical serum is one of my favourites. If you’ve been paying attention to beauty trends, you will have noticed that Serum is where it’s at. A standard step in Korean skincare, it’s a new added step for the western market. My first foray into Serum was in Japan, and I’m hooked.

Lighter than a moisturizer and more of a gel consistency this serum soaks into your skin fast and leaves you super hydrated and “dewy”. Some days I use it alone since it does such a beautiful job, but it’s designed to be used before the moisturizer, some days I just don’t need that much moisture!

I really, really, really love this product. I’m hooked for life.


Perfect Renew Eye Firming Cream ($47)

Guys I’m thirty now, and despite discovering a new youthful exuberance (seriously I feel younger now than I did when I was 25!) I have to really start paying attention to things like eye creams.

I love this one since it’s super hydrating AND firming. I notice a difference when I use it, and when I skip it, it’s apparent. It’s also super light and non-greasy. I don’t have to wait too long to apply make-up and it soaks right in.


Water Bank Moisture Cream ($32)

When the Serum doesn’t quite finish the job, this moisture cream is a good next step. The moisturizer (which contains mango butter) is super rich BUT it’s not heavy – which is the remarkable thing about all of these products, hyper moisturizing but not greasy or heavy and they’re all absorbed effectively, instantly. If I wanted to put make-up on immediately after I can.

My only criticism here is that there is no SPF in any of these products – which is fine if you make the next step (and mannnn the next step is AMAZING) but if you want a make-up free day, then you need to look elsewhere for SPF.

Laneige_Review_5 Laneige_Review_6

BB Cushion ($34)

Oh my GOSH YOU GUYS. So you’ve heard of BB Creams right? Sure they’re magically light and provide such glow-filed coverage but could you imagine if they were lighter? GLOWIER? With MORE coverage?

Well. Imagine no longer. This is a beauty revelation and is pretty much the best product that ever existed. This cute compact is home to a bouncy BB Cream (officially known as BB Cushion) that you apply with a sponge that lives on a sponge. I’m the Queen of hating foundation. I rarely wear it, but this has changed everything – I hate skipping foundation now, because I know what awaits my skin – all this PLUS SPF 50.

It leaves my skin dewy, natural, but evens out my skin tone and gives amazing coverage – it’s also easy to apply, and lasts all day (and if it’s particularly hot, then reapplying is easy).

And if you’re not convinced, have you seen my selfie game recently? (No? Here and here… no photoshop kids, just BB Cushion magic)

All in all I’m a massive Laneige fan, fan for life fandom levels. Glowing skin. Glowing review. It’s just that easy.

Kelsi xx



DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_10 Yesterday we wrapped filming on the #UNIQLOLA film series (stay tuned for the second round which will be released next month). As I mentioned in the post below it’s been an extraordinary experience made all the more special by the talent of the fabulous Duy Nguyen of Camp Rimpau, who we partnered with to produce the series.

During filming we would often talk about what our “tour” would be, where each of the team would venture if the film was about us and our favourite spots, one day, Duy shared his. We were intrigued.

Halfway through the two sets of films we had a week long “hiatus” brought on by the holiday weekend and decided to document some of Duy’s fave Los Angeles spots one night in a tour we dubbed #DuyDoesIt

Blockheads Shavery, Little Osaka

DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_23 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_21 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_22 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_20

Blockheads Shavery is in Little Osaka, a newer neighborhood in West L.A, home to a number of Japanese (and Korean) restaurants and stores (it’s also home to Tsujita – an apparently amazing ramen place – also on Duy’s list, but dinner was not on the agenda).

Blockheads Shavery serves “snow cream” – similar to Hawaiian shaved ice, but instead it’s shaved ice cream. It’s delicious. Ridiculously so. The texture is light and fluffy and the taste, rich and creamy. Each bowl gets a topping and a “drizzle” (sauce). I highly recommend a visit.

Blockheads Shavery Company
11311 Mississippi Ave,
Los Angeles, CA, 90025

L.A River, Arts District

DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_13photo credit: Graham Ohmer
DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_15 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_16 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_19 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_12 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_11


My favourite spot of the night (yes, more fun than fluffy ice cream) was down on the L.A river. Duy has a special spot (I don’t know that I should publicly divulge – but feel free to email me) wherein you can actually drive down on to the river bed (yes – like in Grease!).

It’s weirdly magical down there. You’re in the center of the city, an entirely urban environment, even the river is encased in concrete, but it’s quiet, empty and very, very dark (save for the car headlights). I could have sat there for hours.

Urban Light, LACMA

DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_9 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_8 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_6 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_1 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_7 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_5 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_4 DuyDoesIt_LA_Tour_24

Continuing the magic, our last stop of the night, around Midnight, was at the Urban Light by Chris Burden, part of LACMA and lighting up Wilshire since 2008.

The large scale installation is home to over 200 streetlights from 1920′s Los Angeles and it was the perfect finish.

Urban Light at LACMA
5905 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Today Duy left for Brazil to chase Great White Sharks (for reals) – Good Luck Duy, try to come back in one piece, and thanks for everything!

Kelsi x



For the past month the Stylesmith team has embarked on a rather fun adventure, to create a dozen short films, each featuring one of our favourite Angeleno’s, visiting their favourite places, all for UNIQLO, to celebrate the upcoming launch of their first Los Angeles area stores.

The first six films have been released and can be seen here. Since launching my business this has been one of my most favourite projects yet. It’s been amazing following these people around, many of which are folks you may of heard of but they usually spend more time creating than being in the spotlight, underexposed people visiting underexposed spaces. Each one is a treat to watch and I really hope you love them as much as we do.

The following are snaps I shot from behind the scenes, whilst our fabulous filmmaker, Duy Nguyen, captured the moving magic.

Roméo Testa: Singer/Songwriter


Watch his film here.

Chanelle Laurence & Stephanie Liu: Style Bloggers.


Watch their film here.

Calder Greenwood: Visual Artist


Watch his film here.

Shawna Dawson: Food Entrepreneur


Watch her film here.

Alan Loomis: Urban Designer


Watch his film here.

Kelly Love: Stylist


Watch her film here.

Stay tuned for the second half of these films coming next month :)

Kelsi x