#CreateWhereYouWant with Looptworks in Salcombe, Devon – Part One

Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_6 Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_3 Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_7

I’m back! Those of you that follow my Instagram know that the past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of work and travel – I have posts coming from London Fashion Week, photoshoots in fancy London Penthouses and all the gossip from my trip to Las Vegas… but first, I wanted to introduce you to a new Stylesmith client, Looptworks.

I met Looptworks co-founder, Scott Hamlin, in Las Vegas at the Downtown Speaker Series, and as it happens, not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and we started working with them at the beginning of September.


The company produces consumer electronic accessories (and some apparel and other accessories) and works exclusively with already existing materials. This video from Scott’s talk at Downtown Speaker Series goes into depth about the company and the ethos and practices behind it. I highly recommend watching it.

The iPad case featured in these pictures is their Tiki Case in Buttercream, made from excess belt leather, this colour is available on their website, but it’s also currently available in black on Apple.com here, and is one of their best sellers.


One of the campaigns we’ve been working on with them for social media is #CreateWhereYouWant – this idea that this world is vast, beautiful and worth exploring, so why (if you don’t have to) spend it chained to a desk – create where you want. Keeping this in mind, whilst I was home in Devon in Southwest England, I took my work with me to some of my favourite places on the planet.

Starting with Salcombe. When I was younger we’d spend most summers down in the South Hams area. We’d park our caravan, pitch our tents and spend six glorious weeks by the coast exploring. The Salcombe estuary is home to beautiful coves, crystal waters and a ton of boats, I love being by the water and grabbing a cheeky cider on the water is simply heaven.

Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_2 Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_1Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_9 Kelsi_Looptworks_Salcombe_4

Later this week I’ll share another favourite Devon spot, but in the meantime I’d love (and so would Looptworks) to see where you create! Follow Looptworks on Instagram and tag your posts on Instagram or Twitter with #CreateWhereYouWant – I can’t wait to see!

Kelsi xx



Earlier this month part two of our project with UNIQLO was released! As mentioned previously we followed a dozen Angelenos around Los Angeles as they shared with us their favourite L.A spots.
Check out all the behind the scenes snaps and find the links to the new videos!

Deborah Fenstermacher: Music Manager

BTS_Uniqlo_Deb_1 BTS_Uniqlo_Deb_2 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Deb6 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Deb2 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Deb1 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Deb3

Watch her film here.

William Hsu: Venture Capitalist

BTS_Uniqlo_WilliamHsu_2 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Will1 BTS_Uniqlo_WilliamHsu_1

Watch his film here.

Sol Dance Academy

BTS_Uniqlo_Sol_2 BTS_Uniqlo_Sol_1 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Sol2 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Sol1

Watch their video here.

Salvador Camarena: Stylist

BTS_Uniqlo_Salvador_1 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Sal1

Watch his video here.

Zuzka Light: Fitness Celebrity/Blogger

BTS_Uniqlo_Zuzka_1 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Zuzka1 BTS_Uniqlo_Zuzka_2

Watch her video here.

Jake Edmondson: Photographer/Cancer Researcher

BTS_Uniqlo_JakeEdmondson_2 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Jake4 UNIQLO_BTS_P2_Jake3 BTS_Uniqlo_JakeEdmondson_1

Watch his video here.

That’s a wrap (literally) on the filming portion. Stay tuned for more #UNIQLOLA fun though :)

Kelsi x

Handmade Events: Pop Up LA 2014

PopUp_LA_2014_Outfit_1 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_7 PopUp_LA_2014_Outfit_2 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_18

Last night was pretty magical. I spent the evening dining with almost 2500 people in the middle of Will Rogers State Historic Park. Best described as a “happening”, the event, produced by Handmade Events, is designed to bring together thousands of people for a pop up dinner, al fresco, for an enchanting evening.

Tickets were $30, and tables first come first served. You bring your decorations, your “tablescape”, your food, your beer and wine and dine with your friends (and your 2000 new friends). The invite stated you must be dressed in white and the location was not revealed until 3pm on the day of the event (though you knew it was in the Santa Monica area)

PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_5 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_16 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_17 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_4 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_2 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_15 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_3

I was invited by the Main and Rose PR girls, who were running press for the event. As such our table was hosted, and we were treated to food and drink and an expertly decorated table. The team went for an old Hollywood/Movie theme to honor Will Rogers.

PopUp_LA_2014_Outfit_4 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_14 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_13 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_11 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_10 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_9 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_8 PopUp_LA_2014_Atmosphere_1 PopUp_LA_2014_Outfit_3


One of the best parts was wandering around checking out how other guests had decorated their tables, one of our favourites was the Alice and Wonderland themed table (complete with costumed guests) but everyone was in the spirit of the event and everyone made an effort.

It was a really special event (one that Ludacris showed up to, check out my instagram!) and I’m definitely on board for next year, in fact I can’t wait.

Learn more about Handmade Events and their Pop-Up Dinners here. The next one is in San Diego in September!

What I Wore: Dress: LOFT, Chucks via Victoria’s Secret.

Kelsi x